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From Graffiti Watch to Public Art

The South Side had been a fertile ground for graffiti vandalism. In 2007 Graffiti Watch a volunteer action group of the South Side Community Council (SSCC) was formed with the goal of preventing and removing graffiti vandalism on the South Side.

As Graffiti Watch managed graffiti vandalism we recognized that a number of the graffiti pieces were excellent examples of urban art and should be preserved. It occurred to Graffiti Watch that a proactive approach to addressing graffiti should be considered and south Side Community murals Project was established to promote and encourage artists to engage in the community with their artistic talents in addition to serving as a viable means of graffiti prevention and saving the costs of law enforcement activities and graffiti removal. We have since broadened our vision to include other artistic mediums and now call the project South Side Public Art.

We realized that property owners and taggers have similar goals: to feel valued and respected, to have a feeling of place, to have a voice, to be empowered, to be creative.  We became weary of painting over graffiti and understood that maintaining a polarized relationship with graffiti artists falls short achieving the goals of creating an inclusive vibrant community.

South Side Public Art is bringing art to the South Side, giving artists opportunities to develop their skills, display their art, be compensated when possible, and to engage openly with the community. This positive approach is inclusive and celebrates the diversity and creativity of artists in Pittsburgh and elsewhere.

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Historic South Side Home Tour Sponsors 2016