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Calling 911 vs 311

Printable 911 vs 311 Handout (PDF)

Call 911

  • Anytime, 24/7, for any emergency situation
  • A crime occurring right now
  • Life-threatening situations and injuries requiring medical attention
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors sounding
  • Fire or smoke coming from a building
  • Any other emergency situation
  • Link: Allegheny County Emergency Services Online

Call 311

  • 7am-7pm, Monday through Friday, for non-emergency situations
  • Information on city services
  • Graffiti, pot holes, high weeds, code violations, traffic issues
  • Ongoing suspected drug activities
  • Information on how to receive a smoke detector and when to change batteries
  • Any other NON-emergency situation with which you need help
  • Links: