2020 Virtual Home & Garden Tour


Happy VHT (virtual home tour)!   



For five weeks over the summer of 2020, we shared  photos of South Side homes and gardens, including quotes from homeowners who answered this question: Why do you like living on the South Side?  While we would have loved to have had an in-person Home and Garden Tour, COVID-19 has prevented that from happening.  We hope that you all enjoy this close second!


A big thank you to all our neighbors that graciously allowed us to not only peak inside their homes, but also to post those pictures here for everyone to see.  


July 25

Backyard Patio Retreat


“I love living here because everything I need is within walking distance and the friendly neighborhood. Been here over 20 years.”


This patio is so nice! We love how different it looks from all of the others that we’ve seen so far. It really seems to be another room for the house! And that aerial nighttime shot! ❤️

July 22

Here’s why our next neighbor likes living on the SS:


“My family and I chose to purchase a house in the Southside due to the desire to reside in a neighborhood setting that provides the opportunity to live amongst buildings that offer historic architectural features. Being able to walk to restaurants and shops along with the proximity to downtown Pittsburgh are also obvious attractions. We’ve come to further appreciate many of our neighbors with a nice blend of long time residents and newcomers to the area that add to the unique character of the Southside.”


It’s not often that we get to see before and after pictures on a home or garden tour. We feel very lucky to have this opportunity. The window boxes add such life and beauty to the facade. And what a transformation of the backyard! It’s another great use of different layers to add dimension. And those wood planter boxes ❤️.

July 20

Our next homeowner had this to say about SS:


“There isn’t an area in Pgh that offers as much as the South Side. I love the convenience of walking out my door and walking to food, drink and recreation let alone downtown!”


We’re so into this built in bookcase with the green fern hanging down from the top. It’s the perfect balance of open shelving for decorative pieces combined with the closed storage below. And the covered porch is so inviting with the wicker furniture and ceiling fan- what a great place to spend a hot Pittsburgh day!

July 18

“Every day my wife and I are thankful to live in the South Side. Beyond our old home and some classic features it holds, it has allowed us to tell a story within the space we live. We admire the unique spaces our home offers and we feel comfortable and at home every second we are in the house.”


“Beyond the amazing architecture, the vibrant community, and the robust business scene (both big and small), the best part of South Side living consists of the amazing neighbors, friends, and families present within the flats as well as the access to public parks, transportation, other neighborhoods, and a sense and presence of a community that brings you in and helps you thrive socially, communally, and personally. We have never met a better group of neighbors and friends in other communities within the city of Pittsburgh and for that we are very thankful and fortunate.”


“The diversity of the South Side is inviting and it allows you to be amongst old, young, rich, and poor which continuously brings life and greater understanding to the humanism and community that this beautiful area offers and values.”


This is another great home that has utilized all of the space that it can! The loft plant nook is just genius. And we love how the cabinet in the dining room fits nicely next to the fireplace (and compliments it so well!).

July 15

A Walk in…. Paris ❤️


“South Side Pittsburgh or South of France….. hard to tell the difference.”


How about your almost own private entrance to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail?? This backyard may be ‘common space’ but is still quite the eye catcher and is convenient for those that live there. Even the ducks like it! It’s easy to forget how green and beautiful the South Side really is.

July 13

Balcony for Entertaining:


We all know living in the city can leave more to be desired when it comes to having a yard. Well this lucky resident has a balcony for entertaining! Our homeowner says that it’s great for entertaining in the warm weather. We love the different ways that residents decorate and utilize their spaces.

July 11

Our next home includes a shot of the back patio and three indoor photos. Why does this homeowner like to live on the SS?


“We like living on the South Side because it is walk-able, convenient, dynamic and diverse. Our house is almost 130 years old and we are mindful of its history and immensely grateful that we get to be it’s stewards for a bit.”


The first photo features New Guinea impatiens purchased from the SSCC plant sale. The second photo includes a glorious stained glass window that the owners enjoy. The third photo is the living room in the other direction, leading into the dining room and beyond that, into the kitchen. The fourth is a kitchen shot, complete with the tin ceiling. You can see a rear room which was added in the 1980’s.

July 8

Backyard Oasis


Our next homeowner enjoys the SS because:


“Walkable streets,  parks, trails, proximity to downtown, independent day & night business district, historic district & housing and great neighbors & friends!  Can’t see myself living anywhere else in the city!”


We love the many layers of this yard, from the second floor deck to the plants on the landing down to the main area.  The yard is so lush and green.  This area makes us forget that we are in the city!

July 6

Victorian design by Dan Diehl


This homeowner was kind enough to give information not only of why they enjoy living on the SS but also about the designer of this study:


“The South Side is home to many characters and creative types. When it came time to renovate and restore our 1887 Italianate Style home on 17th Street, I had the good fortune to meet Dan Diehl, an expert in Victorian Design and a resident of Sydney Street.

Dan’s work brings us joy and satisfaction every day.

Diehl moved on to England where he published books on how to build Medieval and Renaissance furniture, met Royalty, and continued his creative life in the arts and through historical documentaries.”


This room is almost like a glorious Victorian time capsule!  Everything is perfectly placed and well thought out.  The mixed patterns on the walls go flawlessly with the wicker furniture and wood bookcase. 

July 4

For our next home we again have photos of inside the home and of the backyard.  Here’s why our neighbor enjoys living on the SS:


“The South Side was the perfect progression from my college days in Oakland. It is the perfect location, how many places can you live where you are a walk away from everything. We have a theatre, grocery stores, bars and restaurants, parks, hardware stores, and so much more. I love the walk ability of the South Side.”


This dining room is a martini lover’s dream. What a collection of shakers!  The beautiful furniture looks stunning against the white walls and wood floors.  The second set of photos is of the loft bedroom.  We love how the homeowner was able to utilize so much space given the slant of the ceiling/ roof.


Next is the backyard.  We love how this space is surrounded by plants!  You can almost forget that you are in a city backyard. And the vines growing up the trellis are gorgeous. 

July 1

Our next homeowner had this to say about the SS:


“It’s a diverse city neighborhood with great amenities and a great location with easy access to everything this area has to offer.”


This hidden gem looks to be the perfect retreat after a long (or any) day!  We love the warm glow that the canopy creates.  This yard is an actual work of art!

June 29

Here’s why the next homeowner enjoys living on the SS:


“Although I like the location of South Side to downtown and Oakland and that so much of what I need is in this neighborhood, what I really like are the people who make South Side their home and are willing to pull up their sleeves to make it the best neighborhood in Pittsburgh.”


The first six pictures show the renovated 1st floor.  It used to be three rooms but was converted into an open floor plan with a living room, kitchen, and dining area.  Notice that the hood for the stove has been hidden behind cabinets.  How clever!  The last four photos are of the master bedroom.  We love how cozy it is. 


Next we have the bathroom and office/ tv room.  There’s so much built in storage throughout the whole area- from inside the shower stall to the entire wall behind the desk!  We love how the tv sits into the slant of the wall/ ceiling- what an amazing use for this space!

June 28

Our first garden that we are sharing is one that has been on the tour in the past.  Here’s what our neighbor had to say about why they like living on the SS:

“When I began looking for a home to purchase some 32 years ago, I was attracted to the Southside because it was a close-knit, walkable community with all the amenities on your doorstep. I haven’t regretted my decision for a moment.”