Download PDF Notes from South Side St. Patrick’s Day Safety Meeting Feb 22, 2018 3:00 pm at City Theatre Special Thanks: Thank you, City Theatre, for hosting the meeting space. Meeting Goals: Director Hissrich and Zone 3 Police Commander Dixon requested to meet with businesses to share information about St Patrick’s Day, and to ask for assistance in keeping the celebration day a safe one. The Director mentioned that 2017 was a more successful year than 2016 and this year we will continue to strive for highest level of safety.  The following was discussed: See Something, Say Something: Businesses, employees and customers are encouraged to report anything that doesn’t look or feel right. It is easier to contain an incident before it escalates. Do not be afraid to call 911.  We want you to. Public Safety Lane – To facilitate traffic flow and emergency access, no parking will be allowed in the public safety lane East Carson between 12th and 17th  starting at 4 a.m. Saturday, March 17 until 4 a.m. Sunday, March 18. Traffic Flow – Police will use motorcycles and others means to keep traffic flowing. Should there be an emergency, traffic may be diverted off Carson. Shared Rides –Lyft and Uber said they will push passengers to pick up and drop off on the side streets to reduce backups on East Carson. Please inform customers to look for the pin off Carson. Sidewalk Cafes: Sidewalk café permits must be visibly displayed in the window of the business. There is still time to renew existing sidewalk cafes permits before St. Patrick’s Day. New applications would not be processed in time for the holiday, but would be available for the season. Contact Ben Carlise in Department of Mobility and Infrastructure. Pedestrian Flow: The goal is to keep pedestrians out of the street, on the sidewalk and moving. Businesses were reminded to keep the sidewalks free and clear. Sidewalk Vending: Anyone wishing to sell on the sidewalk needs an extension of premise permit, either for food prep or display. No other sidewalk vending will be allowed. This helps prevent bottlenecks and pushing people into street. Sidewalk Obstructions: Police request that sandwich boards not be used on St Patrick’s Day. Technically, they’re not legal at any time, though DOMI uses a “good neighbor policy” in enforcing: one per business, kept out of pathways to crosswalks, and must be close to the building or the curb as opposed to in the middle of the sidewalk. Control Lines – Police Bureau also requests that door security work to hug the lines outside the business up against the wall and maintain order of people waiting in line. Control Occupancy – Bureau of Fire will be strictly enforcing occupancy, as well as all other requirements (clear exits, fire suppression requirements, etc). Please assure accurate counts and maintain occupancy that your business has been designated (employees are to be included in that number). This is for the safety of your customers so they can exit swiftly in case of an emergency. Close Window Walls – Commander Dixon requested that “Nano Windows” be closed, the reason being is that, as the day progresses and numbers grow, people on the sidewalk gather to be part of the scene inside, yet they are technically in public space and pedestrian flow is needed to keep the outside safe. Sound: LCE reminded it is the responsibility of businesses with alcohol licenses to control sound conditions inside alcohol licensed businesses. LCE said they will be enforcing this. Street Parking – Parking meters will be on and enforced as per a usual Saturday until midnight, as will the Residential Parking Permit areas. To facilitate traffic flow and emergency access, there will be no parking on East Carson between 12th and 17th (both sides) starting at 4 a.m. Saturday, March 17 until 4 a.m. Sunday, March 18. FREE Parking/FREE Shuttle – Free parking is available in the Second Avenue Parking Plaza located on Second Avenue at the confluence of Armstrong Tunnel and the 10th Street Bridge beginning at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday. Those who have had too much to drink are encouraged to leave their car overnight free of charge and may retrieve it by 4pm Sunday. FREE SHUTTLE – A FREE shuttle to and around the South Side will circulate 24 hours from the Second Avenue Parking Plaza beginning at 5:00 a.m. Saturday until 5:00 a.m. Sunday. New this year: the shuttle will connect with the Trolley system at the First Avenue Station. The shuttle stops are: First Ave. Station, Bedford Square (near Jacks), S. 18th and Sidney (at parking lot) and S. 21st @E. Carson (across from Candy & Cigar). During peak hours there will be two shuttles running. A realtime tracker for the shuttle may be found at Employees – Businesses were reminded to communicate to employees that parking meters and RPP parking areas will be strictly enforced on St. Patrick’s Day. Employees are encouraged to use the FREE Parking/Shuttle. To alleviate any concern employees have, please tell them: The Second Avenue Parking lot is fenced, extremely well-lit and will be patrolled regularly by police. They can stay inside the business and watch the tracker to know when the shuttle will arrive at their closest stop. Shuttle drivers will drive employees directly to their car inside the Second Avenue Lot. Visibly Intoxicated Persons (VIP): LCE reminded businesses that it is a violation of their alcohol license to serve VIPs. Asst. Chief Gilchrist reminded them that Emergency Medical Services are stretched on St. Patrick’s Day and that businesses can help by banning entry to VIPs and serving safely. Duquesne University takes a number of students to Mercy Hospital every year for alcohol poisoning and students also face consequences with the school for visible intoxication, etc. The LCB will assist businesses in writing a serving policy. Dates for Responsible Alcohol Management Program trainings for 2018, including some before St. Patrick’s Day are available from Office of Nighttime Economy. Street Cleaning: The Department of Public Works will be cleaning the streets after the celebrations and will do their best to attend to overflowing trash during, though they likely will not be able to get through the traffic. Porta Johns: To lessen impact on the neighborhood, Adam de Simone of the South Side Bar & Restaurant Association encouraged businesses to order porta-johns and asked that we disseminate contact information for the company his businesses will be using:  Dan Domenico/Pittsburgh Potty/724-630-9067/ Thank You: All of us in Public Safety are grateful for your partnership in keeping Pittsburgh safe and hope you have a successful day! Allison Harnden, Nighttime Economy Manager Emily Embrey, Nighttime Economy Coordinator Office of Nighttime Economy: 412-255-2380
AMPD Justin Murphy Dir of Ops
Beehive Scott Kramer Owner
Casey’s Mike Papariello Owner
Copies on Carson Rebecca Kasavicj Owner
Diesel/Local/Steel Cactus Adam DeSimone Owner
Doce Taqueria/Twelve Christy Cercone Manager
Double Wide Grill Scott Kramer Owner
Duquesne University Tim Lewis Director of Commuter Affairs
Duquesne University Michael Kopas Police Captain
Flats on Carson Marcus Trunzo Owner
Flats on Carson Mark Seneca Owner
Jack’s Bar Chris Dawso Owner
Jimmy D’s Jimmy De Mauro Owner
Karma Mike Papariella Owner
Lyft John Huber Market Manager
Mario’s James Hoffman Owner
Over the Bar Ray Karhut Manager
Over the Bar Marty Maloney Owner
Pittsburgh Transport Grp Juan Hernandez General Manager of Bus operations
Scenario Michael Spoltore Manager
South Side Chamber Candice Gonzalez ED
South Side Community Council Barb Rudiak President
The Urban Tap Jimmy DeMauro Owner Rep
Tiki Lounge Michelle Schubert Gen Mgr
Trixie’s Bar & Gameroom Jacob Patalive Manager
TST Productions Tara Sherry-Torres Principal Consultant
Uber Sherri Shapiro PA Public Affairs
Dept. of Mobility & Infrastructure Ben Carlise Operations Manager
Dept. of Public Safety Wendell Hissrich Director
Dept. of Public Safety Allison Harnden Nighttime Economy Coordinator
Dept. of Public Safety Alicia George Assistant Public Information Officer
Dept. of Public Works Bill Crean Superintendent of Streets
Liquor Control Board Sheryl Laffey Bureau of Alcohol Education, Western Region
Liquor Control Enforcement Brian Taylor Enforcement Officer
Liquor Control Enforcement Sonny Bonadio Enforcement Officer
Office of Nighttime Economy Emily Embrey Nighttime Economy Coordinator
Office of Nighttime Economy Allison Harnden Nighttime Economy Manager
PGH Bureau of EMS Amera Gilcrist Asst Chief
PGH Bureau of Fire Chris Skertich Inspector, Code compliance & Education
PGH Bureau of Police Ed Trapp Cdr. Special Deploy/Planning
PGH Bureau of Police Karen Dixon Comdr Zone 3
PGH Bureau of Police Thomas Gault Sargent Zone 3
Pittsburgh Parking Authority John Fournier Director of Onstreet & Metered Parking